Every Detail is Important

For modern engineering excellence

Excellence for us means continuous pursuit of the highest standards of quality and professionalism while being open to new ideas and approaches.

What does Baumer offer?

We offer the transformation of complex engineering ideas into reality, covering the entire project cycle.
Our growth-oriented and open-minded team, with years of experience, during the design planning process is able to adapt as much as possible to the situation at hand and offer you comfortable services of installation, post-installation and planned inspections.
Baumer’s main mission and key to success, in addition to offering customer-oriented service, is to focus on details, create a healthy environment in buildings, achieve energy efficiency through innovation, and constantly move towards perfecting modern engineering.


We offer the full cycle of the project:
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The Baumer team will advise you on any issue regarding engineering, and MEP systems, and help you make the optimal decision

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Project planning

Baumer's team of experts offers to plan a project of any complexity, tailored to your needs as much as possible, taking into account modern approaches/innovations

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Baumer, using the products of leading brands and taking into account your needs, offers installation work, during which a comfortable work process will be provided for you and the team

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After exploitation Service

Baumer offers full system management, monitoring and regular equipment maintenance service

Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, which include ending world poverty, protecting our planet and improving people’s living conditions.

N7 Affordable and sustainable energy!

To make reliable and modern energy services more accessible, increase energy efficiency and develop new technologies.

N8 Fair and just working conditions and economic growth!

Decent and safe work for all, including women, youth and persons with disabilities. Reduce the number of young people who do not work, study or undergo vocational training.

N13 Actions against climate change!

Take urgent measures to reduce climate change and its impact. Better prepare people to deal with the damage caused by climate change and natural disasters.


We strive to constantly share news about both our company and the MEP industry as a whole.

Our Partners

Over 10 years of experience, Baumer has more than 100 loyal and satisfied partner companies.